Monday, November 07, 2011

A Case for Prayers

I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer.  We have been blessed for many years from countless people who have and are still praying for me and my family.  These angels' prayers have been a source of peace in our lives and I know they have contributed to the extension of Krista's life and has given us the best five years of our relationship.  Because we have received so many blessings from the prayers of others, I'm always looking for those whom I can share that same blessing with.

Sadly we have a friend, that I know have offered many prayers for us, who needs prayers for their son.  Emily and Xavier Beckham have been thrust into a world that I know all too well.  Their 10 month old son Case has just been diagnosed with a stage "three-and-a-half" neuroblastoma in his abdomen.  Though their trial has just begun they have already been through a lot.  You can follow their story on their blog at "Best Case Scenario".

Please join with me in offering prayers on their behalf, that the treatment will be effective, that Case will be able to handle the treatment well, so the doctors will know what treatment will be effective and that their family may have peace despite what they are going through with their son.