Friday, September 26, 2008

Earned Another Stripe

It was the most painful date night my husband and I ever had. We both had karate belt testing this evening. He started about seven months after I did, and earned his blue belt. I earned my brown stripe. My next aim is my first brown belt, and after three levels of brown I would (hopefully) earn the chance to test for my black belt.

Not only did I do this one with half a brain, but I also did it with a gimp leg. Earlier this week I was learning a brown belt form that is particularly acrobatic, and my knee was not happy with the part where I had to spring from a crouch position into a scissor kick. It's been trying to punish me ever since.

Luckily the ongoing knee pain was secondary to the thrill of the test, knowing that once again I was doing something that would have seemed impossible to me about two years ago.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yesterday I was able to mark thirty three months of living like I'd never lived before. In three more months I'll be considered a "long-term survivor."

My family members now refer to my condition as the "alleged" brain tumor.

Still gotta keep on my toes. Still gotta be thankful for the gift of each breath, and for the hope that each new day brings.

Still gotta live while I can.

(Don't we all?)