Monday, January 08, 2007

I Cry the Day That I Take the Tree Down

Just in case my blog doesn't have enough songs for its soundtrack, I have to mention that another one went through my head this weekend. It's from Michael McLain's The Forgotten Carols, and it's called, "I Cry the Day That I Take the Tree Down". Part of it includes the following (if my tumor-savant skills are up to par):

I cry the day that I take the tree down;
I want the season to last all year long;
And I am dreaming of Christmases when
We'll be together again.

Saturday was our "take the tree down" day, and although that song kept playing in (what's left of) my mind, I was much more cheerful than tearful, because last year, the Christmas stuff was taken down and carefully put away by kind friends while I spent most of the day unconscious in bed. As I packed up the ornaments and nativity sets and stuff, I remembered that nice day last year, when I woke up and saw everything taken care of. And I was also happy to realize that this year, I am feeling better--not worse--than last year (and not dead), and spending another Christmas with my family again. Plus it's nice to see the look of triumph in my husband's face as he realizes that --hooray-- we are not the last ones in the neighborhood to take down our outdoor lights.

There is a natural tendency to feel a little sentimental when the tree goes down, just like it felt after the birthday parties were over, when my son's football season ended, when the Messiah performance hit its last note, when we returned from the farewell tour trips, and when I said goodbye to family and friends who live far away. I always hear the whisperings: "Is this the last time?"

It might be. It might not be. No one gets any guarantee. That's why we should savor each moment while it's here. And if there is another Christmas...another birthday...another sports season...another Messiah performance...another visit with loved ones...another three-generation Scrabble's just all the more delicious. I really thought my last Scrabble game with Mom and Grandma ended last July, but we were together and at it again during the final days of 2006. I didn't expect a Christmas season Messiah opportunity, but I got it and I seized it, and auditions for another Easter concert will be here before we know it. Registration for soccer happens this week, and it won't be long before I'm once again the crazy screaming mom in the red jersey that says "13 - Mom" on the back. (My son is lucky #13 on his team.) And I'm already aware of the fact that I haven't picked a theme for my son's next birthday event in March, which will also be here before we know it.

My tree is down, and it's time to look forward to the next celebration. Since we've become accustomed to red and green adorning the house all season, maybe I should get out the Valentine's Day roses. And meanwhile, I really am "dreaming of Christmases when we'll be together [as a family] again".


Kylie said...

Hi Krista, I know your face. I am not sure why, but I do. I happen to stumble across your blog and find it so inspiring. Thank you for the reference for that christmas cd as well, I have just gone to lds audio to download it. Godbless you and your family.

Love Kylie xox
(fellow sister in the gospel)

Sealbeach said...

Thank you, Krista, for yor blog. Your humor, love, and spirituality shine.