Monday, February 25, 2008

My Funny Valentine

I know -- Valentine's Day was eleven days ago, and we did celebrate it on time although it's taken much longer to blog about it.

I decided to use what's left of my right brain to make special valentines for my family, using their special songs (you might have heard of them from my blog soundtrack). You can click on the links below to hear them in mp3 format. They were serious and a little sentimental, but if any of these sound funny, keep in mind that these were one-take wonders and far from perfect!

My son's song

My daughter's song

Prince Charming's song


Anonymous said...

How cute. Those songs will be cherished by your kids and grandkids.

Mr. Tucker would be proud.



Linda said...

Very sweet stuff, Krista. Great to see you blog...I was getting worried that you hadn't made an entry in a while.