Friday, April 25, 2008

Relay # 3!!!

I can't believe it -- my third Relay For Life event is today! (Well, really tonight. It goes from 7pm to 7am -- because cancer never sleeps!)

Relay For Life is something I thought I was lucky to do once. (Yeah, that picture is me on Relay #1.) And then I thought I was really lucky to do a second one, when my youngest brother invited me to join his Blakinator team in Houston's Relay last year. Now here I am, doing a third Relay tonight in McKinney.

I'm on the Cooper Cares team, and I may stick out (literally) among the Cooper Aerobics Center folks, whose professions are devoted to health and fitness. But that's okay -- it's an awesome group. And I just have to remember when I was a lot heavier and felt self-conscious at the gym. I finally realized -- hey, what could people say? "Get some exercise, Fatty," while I'm on the stairclimber?

(I also used that analogy to help a friend who was single and pregnant and felt self-conscious going to church.)

I'm very grateful to the Cooper folks who are participating this year. Relay For Life is a really great event.

And it's my THIRD!!!

For those who want to support Relay For Life, please visit my Relay homepage at:

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Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Congratulations, Krista! Good for you.

Yesterday I walked as co-captain of Wendy's Eagles in the Dallas Lymphomathon. It was my fifth. My 19 year old son was a co-captain.

Your blog has inspired me to get some photos up on my site ASAP from yesterday. I'll do it as soon as I sign off.

with hope, Wendy S. Harpham, MD