Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gonna Whip Cancer

Those who read my blog know that I have a multi-faceted approach to my survival strategy. Those facets include

faith & prayer
friends (especially those who add their own faith and prayers)
staying active (in church, at work, and in karate class)
good music
good food
good laughs
and on and on...

Another contributor is my good care; particularly my neuro-oncologist, Dr. Karen Fink. She not only knows the gold standard of care for GBM, but when my tumor became too aggressive for that she had a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Her involvement in research is saving lives, including mine.

I don't know how she does it, because medical insurance does not cover experimental treatments like the ones that worked so well for me. The fact that I was using up over half a million dollars in uncovered chemotherapy never worked its way into our conversations, as she seemed so intently focused on the good results. (And I'm not the only patient in this situation!) Half a million dollars is nothing compared to the value of living days and even years longer than I thought possible. I could never repay what has been done for me. And yet someone has to at least keep funding alive for this life-saving research.

This has been on (what's left of) my mind as I think about how grateful I am for how well things are going. Also on my mind is my friend and fellow Longflicks rocker who is surviving breast cancer that has recently metastasized to her brain. (I had to tease her about quitting trying to compete.)

And it so happens that I have another friend who is a Pampered Chef consultant, AND it so happens that they do fundraisers, AND it so happens that they also have a special "Let's Whip Cancer" program going on this month. I had to jump on this for two reasons:

1. If I host a fundraiser I can have all of the fundraising proceeds go directly to Dr. Fink's research fund. This is one small way to say "thank you" to Dr. Fink.

2. In addition, during the month of May there are some special "Help Whip Cancer" products being offered, and $1 from each one purchased helps support the American Cancer Society's breast cancer education and early detection programs. This is a great way to pay tribute to my survivor friend.

I was a Pampered Chef myself years ago (before my son was born) and I love-love-love their products. I still use my stoneware and cookware and gadgets, and my husband still loves his grilling tools. And their Pantry seasonings are great, too (all natural/no MSG/very yummy). And the cookbooks are awesome, and so on...

I'll end this commercial with a link to a secure website, where you can view and purchase items for this fundraiser online:

Remember -- anything purchased from this link will make a contribution to Dr. Fink's cancer research fund. In addition, any of the specially designated "let's whip cancer" products will also contribute to the American Cancer Society's breast cancer programs.

I hope everyone will enjoy helping me whip cancer in a yummy new way!

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