Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quarter Rest

Today's MRI was good! Things have remained stable long enough that my "live and look" plan has been extended to three-month intervals!

As long as I remain symptom-free, I am finished with MRI scans for the rest of this quarter. I don't go back until October 14! My son begged me to show him the "pictures" when I got home. He wrote me a note to tell me how happy he was that my pictures looked good. To punctuate it, he taped part of his favorite pencil to the note as my prize.

Recent clinical evidence of a functional brain is useful when I have half-brained moments (like when I went to karate class this evening without my belt). I also realized today that I completely forgot about July 12 being my "...and THIRTY-ONE!" monthly milestone!

(...brief moment of elation to mark that milestone...)

Speaking of half-brained moments, I heard a cute joke today about someone who named their pet zebra "Spot".

And another one about a guy who said he had CDO. "It's like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)", he explained, "but with the letters in alphabetical order...like they should be!"

And I also listened to someone talk about the logic behind selling suitcases at the airport. "Do they really think someone is running around with his arm full of shirts, looking to buy a suitcase?"

Those gave me a chuckle as I went into the tube. It's nice to be able to smile when you're getting your picture taken!


Anonymous said...

Krista! Great news and such a blessing to know that you are still healthy and strong. Living proof that God can do things man can not even imagine. I'm not at NRG anylonger, but I'm still peeking around the corner at you. Take care girl.
Joyce L.

t'WIN said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for yrou great news. Also for the prize you got..part of a pencil!

I am reading a book called Head First about self healing and positive thinking. I ordered before my MRI came back good..just in case! I read it in 1997 and my tumor shrank away! the other one has not grown in 12 years.

have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Krista and thanks for the morning laughs with the cute jokes!

Love ya tons!

Suzanne said...

Hi Krista, found your blog looking for the Ezra T. Benson quote on Empty chairs. Love your blog.

Side note:
I heard of a friend who was sick of something fatal, and was given meals from church. Some were good, some grose. Her family nick-named the garbage disposal "spot", and when people asked if they liked the meal they would be able to reply "Oh, it hit the spot!"

Take care,
Suzanne in China