Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Miracle at a Time

It was amazing.

It didn't come with an asterisk.
It caused some head swelling, which didn't show up on the last MRI.
It was awesome!

It happened in Utah, at the Families Supporting Adoption National Conference. I taught three classes at the conference, and gave a small address during the general session.

I also gave a brief acceptance speech after being presented with FSA's Hall of Fame Award.
As I considered previous recipients of this award, I started hearing the old Sesame Street song about "one of these things is not like the other!"

Also, considering my steroid use following surgery and during cancer treatments, I thought it was cool to be a "hall-of-famer" with no asterisk by my name!

The conference theme was "One Miracle At a Time." It reminded me of my life, and how it has unfolded...one miracle at a time. From the miracle of each new day, to the miracle of a loving marriage and two miraculous adoptions, to the miraculous transformation of adversity into blessings, I have witnessed many miracles.

I look forward to seeing many more.


Anonymous said...

Powerful message, Krista. As we battle GBM with my husband, I am always fortified by your blog. Thank you for expressing the power of miracles every day.
Cindy and Cris Leibner

Anonymous said...

I was able to attend that conference via satellite from Virginia. You did an amazing job on your talk. The whole conference was incredible.

Krista said...

Congratulations! We do an adoption symposium here in Europe (Germany) for all the Americans working for the military that are building their families through adoption--and we even have it at the LDS church! It is each saturday before Mother's Day--quite appropriate.

JRose said...

Congrats Krista (& Jared, you must be so proud) We missed the talk, but heard and read about it. So glad to know you and be inspried by you.

Jojo said...

We had the lesson based on Ballard's talk in RS today, and my first resolve was to go home and make som changes on my own blog to use it more as a way of sharing the Gospel than just a cute online journal. I had to stop by your blog - have been a quiet reader for months - and just happened to find your youtube presentation. How fitting! I have posted it on my own blog, as inspiration. I hope you don't mind! Thank you for all you do and are.

Martina said...

I met you at this past FSA Conference and I loved so many things you said (I was the birthmom who spoke to you in the hall). Anway, I was trying to find the blog post called "Sunday Sermon" that you told me to read to get it. Can you tell me where to find it in your archives?