Friday, September 26, 2008

Earned Another Stripe

It was the most painful date night my husband and I ever had. We both had karate belt testing this evening. He started about seven months after I did, and earned his blue belt. I earned my brown stripe. My next aim is my first brown belt, and after three levels of brown I would (hopefully) earn the chance to test for my black belt.

Not only did I do this one with half a brain, but I also did it with a gimp leg. Earlier this week I was learning a brown belt form that is particularly acrobatic, and my knee was not happy with the part where I had to spring from a crouch position into a scissor kick. It's been trying to punish me ever since.

Luckily the ongoing knee pain was secondary to the thrill of the test, knowing that once again I was doing something that would have seemed impossible to me about two years ago.

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Cindy said...

You are an inspiration to the GBM community. You go girl is my statement to you.
Cindy Leibner