Monday, November 10, 2008

I was there

During our many childless years, my husband and I worked with primary-age children at church, and as we watched them grow and give talks and sing we'd wish for the day when we had a child of our own doing those things.

When I was diagnosed with cancer I felt that longing again -- not for the child (because we had our children), but for the opportunity to be there and enjoy all the wonderful moments a child experiences as they grow up.

Last month my son gave a talk in primary at church. It wasn't his first talk, but it was a special one. He helped a lot with the preparation, and even did his own illustrations to show the audience while he spoke. In my completely unbiased opinion as his mother, I thought it was very charming. And although it was a small moment, it meant the world to me to be there.

Now you get to be there, too -- sort of. I finally loaded the video onto YouTube:

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and he has a small speaking part in his school program. It's another brief moment, but I'm really looking forward to being there.

(...and I was!)

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