Sunday, April 26, 2009

What they never told me about GBM

(I bet they never told you either. So I will do it.)

40 months after GBM diagnosis, it is not only possible to be alive, but it is also possible to win a trophy in a karate competition.

No one ever told me that, but they didn't have to. The conventional wisdom about GBM usually just falls on my one deaf ear.

Our family traveled to Houston for the USSD tournament on Saturday. My husband won two first-place trophies for senior blue belt kata (forms) and sparring, and my son won two second-place trophies for pee-wee green belt kata and sparring. My daughter did not compete, but won the hearts of many as she cheered us on in her brother's old uniform. And I won third place in the senior brown/black belt kata competition. The small matter of the hole in my gray matter kept me from entering the sparring competition.

It was a great experience. With Tuesday's MRI growing near, my competition form (Shaolin Kempo #5 Kata, to be exact) was a reassuring test of memory, balance, coordination, and neuromuscular strength. If something is amiss, at least I am asymptomatic for now.

But most importantly, it was another great opportunity to make some fun memories together as a family.

And besides, no one said I couldn't do it...

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