Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...and FORTY-ONE!

I even remembered it before anyone reminded me!

Forty-one months of survival. This is fun, because I'm still forty-one years old for a couple more months. I'm looking forward to watching my survival-month tally climb past my age in years.

It's also delightful to realize that if you switch the numbers around you get 14, which was a hopeful prognosis (in months) at the time I was diagnosed. Back then, if someone would have predicted that I would not only survive fourteen months, but would also be doing fine at forty-one months, I would have merely smiled in appreciation at their hopeful thinking.

The other cool thing is that my "graduation day" from chemotherapy was a little over fourteen months ago. So not only did I zing by fourteen months past diagnosis all the way to forty-one months past diagnosis, but I have survived fourteen months after stopping all treatments.

Good times like these breed sick humor. I was joking with some family members about ways to have some fun with my neuro tests. Things like making a face instead of sticking out my tongue. Responding to "What day is it?" with a deliberate nod and a confident answer..."Blue." We remembered Bill Murray faking Tourette Syndrome in What About Bob, explaining that "If you can fake it, you don't have it." As offensive as that probably was to people who know firsthand about Tourette Syndrome, we couldn't resist considering the concept. If I have the ability to fake a bad neuro test...maybe it means I'm still okay...

...or at least a little healthier than my sense of humor...

Maybe I'll be done with sick humor when I'm celebrating fourteen YEARS of post-treatment survival.

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Anonymous said...

has it really been 14 months since you left me behind??? my how time flies!