Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Twelfth!

Fifty-six months of survival! Only four more until I reach the five-year mark! (And then I start working toward my next milestone.)

Last year in school my son learned about "possible/impossible," "plausible/implausible," and "certain." During our many car-versations during Tuesday's travels around the medical community, we were discussing how good it has been for us. He would interject these words into the conversation:

"When you were first diagnosed it seemed IMPLAUSIBLE that you would still be around today." ("But Jake, it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE, as I am now demonstrating!")

"They felt CERTAIN that you could not survive five years." ("Maybe, based on statistics, but it is POSSIBLE that I could...and if it is God's will that I should, it's CERTAIN that I would!")

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Joan Merrell said...

Krista - you are giving me hope! My husband was diagnosed on June 11, 2010 with glioblastoma and underwent surgery shortly after to remove as much as possible of the tumor. Due to placement of the tumor they weren't able to get as much as hoped for, and he has just finished his 4th week of radiation and chemotherapy. We will know how effective the treaments are when he has another MRI. Thanks for your blog, and your positive attitude. :)