Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all the women who have used their divine traits of motherhood to help me and my family. To the many angels who have donated countless hours of selfless service to us. To those who drove Krista to her various treatments, brought us meals, cleaned our home, sang carols to us, watched Jacob and Emma, provided gifts, cookies and candy. To those women who shared words of love and support and countless comforting hugs. And to those who offered help no matter what the need may be. Thank you and happy Mother's Day.

Children isn't what makes a woman a mother. It's the selfless love unique to them that they share with others that counts. So many women have touched our lives with this love and have uplifted our spirits and brought joy and peace to our hearts. Though I'm not directly related to most of you I consider you all like a mother to me and my family. I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day.


proud daugher of eve said...

Big hugs for you and yours!

Diane said...


I just googled Grade 4 Glioblastoma and your precious wife's blog came up. I have been reading it and yours with tears. My dear friend Gary Carter from the NY Mets was just diagnosed this week with the same. Gary is a Christian too and I know because of "who" he is, many will be watching but because of "Whose" he is, he is walking this journey in such a way that is honoring our Lord.

I am so sorry to read that Krista passed away. I know you do not grieve as those who have no hope. What a gift it is to know that you are promised to spend all eternity with her one day. Please know when I pray for Gary and his family, that I will be lifting you and your family to throne as well. If you would like to follow Gary they are blogging as well ... Please pray for them.

I saw that you mentioned facebook and I would love it if we could connect. I am Diane Dempsey Sirmans on FB. I would also like to sign up for your blogs... the ones I have read have blessed my heart beyond measure. Thank you for continuing to carry on your wife's memory and to bring honor to her life!


Btw.. I have many friends in the Plano area. Jeff and Lisa Ryan, Mark and Rebecca Jones, and Pastor Chuck Bernal. Would you know any of them?