Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why I hate country-western music

I realize that in the State of Texas, it is something you can be shot for, but I cannot stand country-western music. I do like bluegrass music, because of my past life as a clogger. But that's where the love ends, and I'll tell you the latest reason why.

I was in the store yesterday, and they were playing Christmas music (LOOOOVE Christmas music & glad they were even acknowledging Christmas instead of "RamaHanaKwanzMas" or "Generic Winter Season Greeting"). This was fine until I was assaulted by some sap-ola country-western singer going on about a little boy trying to buy shoes for his sick mom on Christmas Eve, and how he had to hurry because Daddy says there isn't much time, and he wants his mom to look beautiful "when she meets Jesus tonight".

Sap-sap-sap-sappy. Now, of course, any mommy/little boy song is going to make me think of my own little boy and tug at my heart, and the obvious relevance this year of going in for brain surgery sometime before Christmas was no help. So yes - I was crying like a fool in the middle of the store. But PLEASE! I went home and told my husband that if I were dying on Christmas Eve, please do not be an idiot and send my boy shoe shopping during my final hours. He should be HOME, where I can hug him until I take that last breath. And come on - since when does Jesus care what kind of shoes you wear? I'm thinking the shoes don't actually go with you when you die. (And by the way - no one sees them in the casket either! Bring on the comfy fuzzy slippers!) Sounds like this little boy and his family need to be spending more time reading the Sermon on the Mount (as in "lay not up for yourself treasures...") than picking through the Manolo's while one of their own is quickly going through the sand in her hourglass. redeeming thing about rap music is that you probably won't get a sap-ola song like this. Of course, you might get one where the little boy shoots his mom on Christmas Eve when she won't buy him the shoes HE wants - and okay, that's not good, either. I'm sticking with the Carpenter's Christmas Album and the Mormon Tab Choir!


Faith said...

It is a sappy song, and I dislike it for its attempt to force an emotion out of the listener. But I always just figured the dad was out of his head with despair and sorrow (sounds like the mom had been sick for some time) and the kid wanted to do something special for his mother. Kids don't always think too clearly, y'know? :)

WendyLou said...

Yeah, I hate that song as well. I agree with Faith, it forces emotion. I don't understand why so many people like it. There are many counrty Christmas songs, but that is one that grates me. When the children's choir comes in, I just want to scream. It's a Christmas song that is about gifts, not about Christ.

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carma said...

Carma comments:

Krista, you are in our prayers also. And I agree with you about country western music. Can't stand the scoop sound into the off key notes that many singers use in this venue. Never have liked it, even before I moved to Texas 26 years ago.

I lost my father to lung cancer when he was 50, and I was 24. I asked him had he felt about all that was going on when he had six months to live, and he said he had no regrets with the life he lived, the Gospel and his family were all that was important, but he regrets that his grandchild would never know him. I wrote his history so they would know him. Most of them probably haven't read it! And recently, on Oprah, they showed videos a mother left for her daughter to see as she grew up. Very touching. I wish my father would have left advice for his children.

But, I believe as you do. You are going to come through this. The Lord has a plan for you and we all know how you have affected our lives, and you will continue to affect others. You will be blessed by your faithfulness.

Call on me if I can help.