Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stepping Out

We added some new Easter decorations to our home this year. Two are framed pictures that caught my attention in the store, because they both depicted Christ emerging from the tomb. One is a front view, and one is a rear view perspective.

I have seen many pictures of the empty tomb. I have seen many pictures of the Resurrected Christ appearing to his disciples, to Mary, etc. The "stepping out" part of the story has always just been implied until now.

The "stepping out" moment is one that is so dear to me, because it was that very moment when all of the things we suffer in mortality were rendered temporary. There is no sorrow, no disappointment, no sin, no illness, no pain, and no death that can't be overcome. He bore it all in Gethsemane. He died on Calvary. He was resurrected and fulfilled all that was required, so that the Atonement was completed. He has perfect compassion for all that we must endure, because He bore it personally. And ultimately, it all gets fixed someday. None of the messiness of life has to stick forever. We get relief from it someday. All of those pains were relegated to temporary status the moment Christ stepped out of that tomb and finished His work. It's an awesome moment to be captured by an artist.

As I was sitting among the bunnies and plastic eggs and grass - the other Easter decorations in our home - I was considering when I might finally take the time to pack up the box of Easter stuff and start setting out the summer decorations. But the "stepping out" pictures will remain on our walls as a comforting reminder of the very moment that gives comfort and relief to all that we must face.


Kristin Anderson said...

Dear Krista,
I thought of you this Easter Sunday as you left your impressions about the Savior with me while I was in Texas. You are an inspiration! I'm so glad your solo and duet went well. Stay positive! Love, Kristin Anderson

Anonymous said...

hola amiga,
deseo que estes bien junto a tu familia, es reconfortante saber que al otro lado de la cordillera, y más allá, hay quienes igual que yo aman a nuestro señor Jesucristo.
Un abrazo con todo mi cariño

teo moreno

Rosa White said...

As usual, and even though I'm reading this post almost a month after you posted it, you never cease to leave me inspired and with clear perspective. I'm thrilled to finally see pics of you and your family. I feel like I have known you all my life. Keep strong, my friend.
Love, Rosa
p.s. your kidlets are DARLING! I just want to kiss them!!!