Thursday, May 17, 2007

Live Strong & Kiss Good

May 17 is Livestrong Day, the day Lance Armstrong marks as the anniversary of the day he "started living". (The day he was diagnosed with cancer.) Despite always having cancer on my mind (literally), I kinda forgot about Livestrong Day, because I always remember May 17 as my "kiss-a-versary".

Today marks 24 years from our third date, when Prince Jared planted his first smooch on me at my doorstep. We were friends for a long time before that, and I had been mooning after him for about six months. I guess he finally decided to be in love with me, too.

In a way, May 17 was the start of our life together as sweethearts. Nearly a quarter century later it is still a date that we both remember and celebrate. Nearly a quarter century later Prince Jared can still sweep me off my feet with his smooches.

They keep me living strong.


Bailey said...

That is the sweetest thing. I love reading you blog and I can't wait to read your book. I just love the way you write about life. Keep living stong and I hope you get those kisses forever. You are in my prayers.

Dedee said...

Congrats on your kissy date!

Mine was July 3. :)

I love reading your blog and I cannot wait to get your book.