Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Bubble Girl

I wish this meant I was just a fairy princess who transports herself around via bubble. But it doesn't.

Last week's results were so wonderful, but today I still need LOTS of prayers! They have me doing weekly labs now, and yesterday's test results came back today pretty bad. My white blood cell and neutrophil counts are really low, so I have to take extra precautions to avoid infection, and I have to hope and pray for another miraculous bounce-back. They will test again next week before my scheduled Avastin infusion, and if I am still low (or if I have gotten sick) my treatment will be suspended. That would be awful, since it's been working so darn well.

So I'm being the bubble girl, trying to quarantine myself from illness. It's tricky with kids and camps and allergy season and insomnia and stuff. But I keep hand sanitizer close by and take my vitamins and one of these days I'll be sure to get enough rest. And I'm leaning on prayer again, so please keep them coming!


LCM said...

Hey Krista, you should try some of those yogurt smoothies for the immunity. They have been advertising them recently and we have given them to our 'Fiona' while her counts were really low. She hasn't gotten sick on chemo for 10 months now, knock on wood!
I am so glad every time you post.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep the prayers comin' your way (I do anyway).

Love ya friend!


Proud Daughter of Eve said...

Done and done!

Jennie said...

you are a brave person, i can tell. the Lord is on your side!