Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello from Chemo Land

This is an historic moment...the first time I have blogged while hooked up to an I.V.

The "walking miracle" (my mom's pet name for me) is now sitting in a recliner, receiving ALL of the scheduled chemotherapy, thanks to a full rebound of my white blood cells and platelets. I'm no longer between a rock and a rock, because one of the rocks was moved. (Not a surprise; faith can move mountains, so it can remove a silly obstacle like damaged bone marrow.)

I also managed to dodge my daughter's high fever and virus last week, so that I could remain infection-free. Something hit me pretty hard on Sunday with a cough and terrible sore throat, but it's gone now. The whole path was cleared to make it easy for me to come in and sail through my neuro tests (the three words today were baseball, giraffe, and avocado) and receive my chemo.

I have spent most of the four-hour drip doing work on my laptop, so while I was in the neighborhood I thought I would pop in and give more BIG THANKS for all the faith and prayers that have been offered on my behalf. Once again, it worked!


Jennie said...

love it! so glad you are doing well!

Proud Daughter of Eve said...

*big hugs* Huzzah!

Kendra said...

I was having a woe-is-me day. I was feeling really down in the dumps, then I just happened to go to your blog. You reminded me that everyday is important, we never know when lightening is going to strike. I cried, I repented and I wrote a list of things I want out of life. Thanks for lifting me. I love you Krista, and I'm glad you are part of my life!