Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lab results

This was the first chemo cycle in a while that didn't have bad labs to keep me in suspense over my treatment schedule. Upon my return from our Utah trip I headed for the lab to see if I am healthy enough to get my chemotherapy on Monday (assuming the MRI keeps showing that the chemo is working). I went in on Wednesday and then nervously awaited the phone call on Thursday to get my results...and then when I didn't hear anything I figured no news might be good news.

On Friday I finally got the call. White blood cell count was great. Neutrophils were great. Platelets were great. Clinical chemistry panel was "perfect". Who'd have thunk I'd been shooting up cytotoxic chemicals for the past nine months?

My other family members have been dealing with colds, allergies, migraines, heart disease, stitches, and all kinds of stuff. Except for -- well, you know -- the catastrophic grade IV brain tumor (which didn't even show up on the last MRI), I'm the only one who feels healthy. After 19 months of cancer treatment, I still have more hair and energy than my husband!

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