Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Krista Passed Her Neuro Test

Okay, so my neuro test isn't until tomorrow morning, but in the spirit of positive thinking I came up with a song to get me through the routine of spelling "world" backward, counting backward by sevens, remembering three test words given at the beginning of the exam, and doing other stuff that you might see in a sobriety test on "COPS". If all goes well, I get treated to more maintenance chemotherapy, and then it's just four short weeks until nervous MRI day!

(to the tune of "Old Mac Donald")

Krista passed her neuro test;
Walked a straight line, touched her nose
Showed her eyes can follow you

With a one hundred,
Eighty-six, seventy-nine,
Seventy-two, sixty-five (...58,51,44,37,30,23,16,9,2)

With a tongue that's straight
And she wasn't late;
Remembered all three test words:
Monkey, tree, and avocado

Krista passed her neuro test;
I.V. chemo...go!

1 comment:

LCM said...

Hey did you pass? Is everything going well? It's hard to be left hanging.