Friday, October 26, 2007

(She really did pass her neuro test)

Of course, it's the easy one compared to the MRI that I will have November 14. Neuro tests are just a monthly review of balance, coordination, strength, memory, and concentration. (Kind of like a brain tumor variation of the Jedi trials, or sometimes I feel like I am taking a sobriety test on an episode of COPS.)

I got extra credit for my "Krista Passed Her Neuro Test" song, and for walking on my heels while wearing mules. I confessed having taken a spill on my bicycle the week before, but it doesn't appear to raise concerns that anything major was wrong with my balance and coordination. I'm sure I also got extra credit for not going into a coma when I noticed my account balance (insurance doesn't cover Avastin chemotherapy for brain tumors, and I've been taking it every two weeks for over a year). After getting my gold star I was rewarded with a double shot of Avastin (another $16,000 deeper in the hole, but hey -- I'd rather be digging that hole than laying in one six feet deep).

The fun thing is that (assuming my labwork stays good) my next Avastin infusion is scheduled on Halloween. I know that's a situation ripe for all manner of sick humor, so it will be fun to see what the nurses and other patients will be up to that morning. I'm planning to show up in my scarecrow ("If I only had a brain") costume.

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