Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As some of you know, Blogger uses a word verification process for those who wish to post comments, to keep spam machines out.

A friend of mine looked at the comment page, and noticed the verification word was "BLESSONS". It's a nonsense word, of course, but my friend called it to my attention and noted the fitting blend of the words "blessings" and "lessons". This friend is also a cancer survivor, and she is quick to recognize the "blessons" of adversity.

Let that be a blesson to anyone riding the rollercoaster of life!


LadyCarma said...

That is a good word - blessons. I am going to remember that one.
I love the word verifications. I find them to be "words" not just letters to be typed in. This comment post has "hipsi", meaning, to me, one is cool or "hip" but not too extreme! Used in a sentence: "The young girl, clad in her new clothes from the sale, stepped out the door, feeling very hipsi and ready to show her stuff."
Well, okay, it is lame, but I can imagine....if they can make "gnar gnar" a word (see Reader's Digest).

Mom said...

Krista, you are in my prayers daily. I love you and am blessed by your testimony and strength.

Love Aunt Pat

Pampered Princess said...

My sister Jocelyn Allen (sang in choir with you) turned me on to your blog. Love the "blessons".
Maura Prince- Fairfield, Ohio