Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New greeting card needed

MRI was good! My doctor was very pleased, and so am I. The plan is to come back in another three months for another perfusion study.

It appears that everything showing up on the MRI is negative for perfusion, which means that we only see necrosis (radiation damage) in parts of my brain. This is much better than cancer taking over my brain. We'll keep doing perfusion studies with my MRI scans, so that we can continue to confirm that nothing else is growing.

As I was celebrating with the nurses, they congratulated me on my radiation damage, and then we had a good laugh about whether there was a greeting card for such an occasion. ("Congratulations -- no more tumor, just more fried brain!") We kept trying to come up with words that rhymed with "necrosis". I finally came up with the following verse (picture this on gray cardstock with little black spots all over it):

There's one thing we know, sis',
And that is: necrosis
Is better than tumor
When it comes to prognosis.

There's no need for psychosis
(And please -- no neurosis!)
It just means grey matter cells
Do less mitosis.

It's not a thrombosis,
Stenosis, or cirrhosis.
And when you have GBM, it's

Congratulations on your MRI!


LadyCarma said...

You are TOO funny! Only you could think of all those words with "...osis" in them! You amaze me.
A book was given to Steve and I when we were first parents of smart Erlynne. By Glenn Dobson, How to Teach Your Baby to Read. Dr. Dobson had been working with brain damaged children from childbirth and other injuries, and found that with the right teaching and flash cards and such, he could teach a brain-damaged baby to read the printed words, and later, suceed in their lives, growing into productive adults. Dr. Dobson concluded: "If we can teach brain damaged child to do this well, what is wrong with the the healthy brained of us?" You are proof of this. What is wrong with the rest of us?

Kate said...

Excellent news! And excellent card verse! There really should be a company that specialises in medically specific "get well cards", as it were. ;)

Real said...

thumbs up!

Carolyn said...

My Dad was diagnosed with GBM in November 2008, he had no success with Temodar, but has taken 5 chemo treatments with Avastin (and other drugs combined) and his tumor is down half the size it was 3 months ago. Reading your blog has kept my hope for my dad up. May God Bless you and I'm praying for your continued travel to wellness!