Sunday, July 12, 2009


Marking another month of survival, although each day is a moment to celebrate life.
This month's report:
  • I am here.
  • I survived long enough to throw Emma's movie star party and attend my class reunion.
  • I went on a reassuring bike ride yesterday.
  • I have been invited to test for my next belt rank this coming Friday.
  • I can still count backward from 100 by seven's, and I'm better at playing chess.
  • I had another article published in Desert Saints Magazine: (it's the one on page 12)
  • My office and my bedroom closet are still messy enough to keep me alive.
We were also recently on the front page of the neighborhood section of our local paper. It had nothing to do with cancer survival -- just the fact that we were obviously an adorable-looking family arriving at our local 4th of July tea party!

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