Friday, March 12, 2010

Fifty-one, two-and-six, three and almost three, and almost nine!

I never play the lottery (even though I live against the odds). I once heard a comedian say that the lottery was a "tax on people who are bad at math!"

I wasn't failing to count backwards from 100 by sevens. And I'm not having a Hurley/LOST experience.

Is this a brain teaser? (NO! Never tease what's left of your brain! Exercise it and be nice to it!)

What do these numbers mean to me today?
  • Fifty-one months of survival since my craniotomy and cancer diagnosis.
  • Two years and six days since I "graduated" from chemotherapy. (Will they ever call this "remission"?)
  • Tomorrow will mark three years and three months since my first of many stable MRI's.
  • Tomorrow my son will be nine years old. I remember when I wondered anxiously if I would be here for his fifth birthday.

In other words, these numbers mean EVERYTHING to me!


scotvixen said...

Congratulations. I am always happy to hear you are 'stable' as it were- you give hope to the rest of us who haven't made it to 12 months yet.

I hope for 51 more months for you, and I pray you get 51 more years.

Corinne said...

My next MRI is Wed. Stable is a good word. My surgery was Halloween 2008. Then six weeks of chemo and radiation. and chemo going on indefinitely. Why do different doctors take such different approaches? Different tumors and different locations?

Jen said...

I giggled at the counting backwards from one hundred. I've had to do that in a few doctor's appointments since the accident. You know it's bad when you start doing it and then forget what number you were supposed to be counting back from...:)

Anonymous said...

I will be 6 months since sugury in 10 days. I'm still learning the lingo but stable and doing well. You have inspired me. Thanks.