Thursday, April 08, 2010

Deja vu all over again

This wasn't the beginning of a seizure. It's one of my favorite Yogi Berra phrases.

Today I registered my daughter for kindergarten. It seems like only yesterday when I was filling out my son's kindergarten registration forms, writing the same information in response to "Are there any special things we should know about your child?" ("Please be sensitive to the fact that Mom has cancer.") Back then I wondered who would be filling out these forms for my daughter, who was an infant at the time.

Glad to discover that it would be me!


Wight Family said...

Your post title caught me off-guard! WHEW! :) Glad you're doing great! Kindergarten is so bittersweet isn't it?!

Corinne said...

You hadn't written for a long time; I was worried about you. Congratulations on Kindergarten. Before I got a brain tumor, I thought cancer was something you treated and were cured- even though it was scary. Not a matter of mileposts- to be grateful for.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I'm glad it's you to fill out those forms as well. May you fill out many more!