Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mets Will Not Win This Season

I'm not talking about the baseball team from New York; I don't follow them.

"Mets" is medical shorthand for metastasis, which was the unanimous consensus during this morning's tumor board meeting. I have glioblastoma mets in my spine.

Dr. Fink asked me to come in afterward -- with my husband -- which sounded ominous at first, but it served a practical purpose. We went over the plan of attack, and there were a lot of details. (I was grateful that this wasn't the "get your life in order" talk.)

Because there is no defined scope of tumor cells beyond the visible mass, cyber-knife was ruled out for now. So was radiating the entire spine and cranium, because it would have a high risk of destroying bone marrow to the point where chemotherapy would be impossible.

I start Temodar chemotherapy on Monday. This is the oral stuff that began my treatment back in 2006. Tomorrow I meet with my neurosurgeon to arrange for implantation of an Ommaya port in my head sometime early next week. The Ommaya port goes in my head to facilitate repeated intrathecal injections of Topotecan chemotherapy.

I also start radiation treatments soon. I met the radiation oncologist today, who participated on the tumor board, and who is designing a plan for me. I go in on Friday for C-T scanning and marking* in preparation for 27 sessions that will probably start next week.

*I will have a low back tattoo. You will never see it.

I start taking steroids tonight, which means my next book will finally get finished. (Another answered prayer!) I'll be hyper and hungry, but it might provide some pain relief as I go through this process.

This is not a common situation, so we have no idea how (or if) this will work. But it's a plan, and it was clear that the doctors were guided, as we'd hoped and prayed they would be.

The Mets will not win this season. Even if we fail to destroy them, they cannot destroy anything but my body, which was intended to die someday anyway, followed by a resurrection. They can't destroy ME -- in fact, I think they are making ME stronger.


Heidi Holguin said...

Been waiting all day and hoping there was a good plan! Sounds like they have a good plan lined up. We will continue to pray!!!

ZionBrian said...

Krista, you are AWESOME! You are a gift to EVERYONE!

Nancy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you to hold on to the strength you have to endure this treatment. It's too soon for you.. I think there is more you need to do.

scotvixen said...

If you trust in Him, Heavenly Father has a plan and a design.
Stay strong when you can and feel comfort when you cannot.

We are all here sending you love, prayers, and support.

Take care.

(And Wash says invest now in a good baby formula lotion- Temodar gives a nasty hard rash.)

LanaBanana said...

Wow, I am getting caught up on things on here. You turn your back for a second and look what happens!! You and your spine are now in my constant prayers, k?? Thank you for keeping everyone updated. We love you.

Laurie Davis said...

I've been saddened that you have to do this AGAIN, but your fight and attitude are so inspirational to me. If anyone can take cancer by the horns, it's YOU!! I also agree that the METS will have a losing season. Keep smiling, because we'll all keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Keep making those home runs and your team will will. You are remarkable because of your faith and spiritual knowledge. We need you to keep teaching us. Will will be fasting and praying for you and the family. vaya con Dios,

Jacob and Emma's Gramdma

razaugg said...

Krista, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Beat the mets!

Elizabeth and Brian said...

Prayers coming your way!