Thursday, September 30, 2010


It took me less time to recover in the hospital from surgery than it did to finally write about it! I'm feeling the love from the people who have called and emailed with concern, and I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to do the post-op post!

Surgery went well. This is "minor" neurosurgery (if there is such a thing), so it was a short procedure and an overnight stay in the ICU. One of my good friends from church is on staff at the hospital, and another one used to be, so I managed to get the VIP treatment. I wasn't a typical ICU patient. We heard the nurses cheering as the physical therapist took me on a stroll through the hallways. ("Yay -- we have a walker on this floor!") I was also allowed to be released directly from the ICU to home after all of my discharge hurdles had been cleared.

The surgical pain is hardly noticeable, especially compared to what I continue to feel in the low spine when I sit or lie down (okay, let's just say it's a major pain in the bum). I seem to be recovering well, especially as I am surrounded by angels from church who bring in daily meals and cards and flowers and offers of help and continued prayers and faith. I am especially grateful that my kids are remembering this as the week when nice people brought over treats and took them on fun adventures after school.
I also learned that my husband wanted to see if four dozen red and white roses would fit in my favorite vase -- and they did!

I came home to a clean, comfy recovery room adorned with the lovely symbol of the red and white blood cells that we want to preserve during this next attack of radiation and chemotherapy! I go in for final markings and scheduling tomorrow, and the blast on my 'blast-oma will commence on Monday.

As always, Dr. Tompkins did an expert job installing the Ommaya reservoir. But he admitted that he is a lousy barber -- and he's right! The worst side effect of the surgery so far is a fist-sized shaved spot on top of my head above my right eyebrow, where hair used to start. But I'll take that. After all, the Halloween costume opportunities are endless!
For example:
(maybe with the horns askew...)
(just cut a baseball in half, or draw stitching on my son thought this was cool!)
(I call this one "The Phantom of the Opera-tion!")

(Really, just a matter of a green pillowcase and some sweats...)
(well, I'm just glad this one isn't Barney!)


LadyCarma said...

Jimmy Durrante used to sing "Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh..." and you continue to do that, inspite of what you have been through. I love the mask of Phantom of the Opera-tion"! Thanks for making me laugh and reminding me there is always a good side to see in everything.

scotvixen said...

Glad you came through alright. We've been thinking of you non-stop this week.

Rest up to keep fighting.
Tashi and Wash