Monday, January 10, 2011

Month One

Those of you that regularly follow Krista's blog know that we keep track of many dates and loved to find reasons to celebrate. Every 20th of the month was our "month-a-versary" (it was always fun to see who would remember it first). We have the season of Jacob and the season of Emma which included their birthdays, homecoming days, adoption days and sealing days. We even celebrated the 12th of each month since her diagnosis as another month she outlived her prognosis.

Today marks one month since her passing. A lot has happened in that month. There has been a lot of pain, a lot of tears and a lot of heartache. On the other hand there have been many angels that have blessed my family through countless acts of service. There has been a lot of comfort given through friends and family. There has been a lot of thoughts and prayers for me and my family. And there has been a lot of tears of joy for the outpouring of blessings that we have received.

I have said many times that life is messy. If it weren't so we wouldn't learn and grow and reach the divine potential that is in all of us. The Lord wants us to trust Him in all things. During times of trial it is of utmost importance to trust in Him and rely on Him. If we do He will strengthen us to endure the trials that shall be placed upon our backs. And He will pour out His blessings upon us so that our burdens will be light. I have felt His love many times this past month. When the pain and sorrow seemed too much to bear I would fall upon my knees and plead with my Father in Heaven for the help and strength to endure. Every time He has blessed me with his love and peace and I knew that all would be well.

I know my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me more than I can comprehend. He has been patient we me and has lead me step by step to become what I am today. There is much more that I need to learn but I know with His help all things are possible.

Looking back at this month there is much to celebrate and be happy for. Most of all it is the "month-a-versary" of my dear wife's successful completion of her mortal trial. No longer does she need to endure countless MRIs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, injections, blood tests, pain and sickness. She is in our Heavenly Father's hands now. And it is one less month till we are together, never to be separated again.


jowo said...

Jared, it is also a month-a-versary of you successfully completing one more month of your mortal trial. I'm sure Krista is doing a little Woo Hoo on the other side for you.

Josh and Kristen said...

Thank you for continuing to post and for continuing to share your faith and hope!

Lexi Scarber said...

You and your wife's writing is an inspiration in itself. My dad has what you wife lost her fight to and I pray for your healing from the down times that you have been in. I know that she appreciates your dedication to the blog and continuing to reassure those that knew and never got the chance to know her. Thank you for all of your faith, reading her blog has helped me look forward to those days that my dad still has left and her long fight give me hope. we have our own blog for my dad's journey that my mom updates regularly with the little moments that we cherish. Once again, thank you. I was shocked and upset to read just recently about Krista's passing, it is amazing how attached you can become to someone you haven't spoken to. Your family is in my prayers and I wish you the best in these tough times, you will prevail and your string faith will guide you there.

Best wishes and prayers,
Lexi Scarber

ZionBrian said...

Jared, you are so amazing. I haven't met you, but Krista became (and still is) a great friend of mine. I met her over the phone through a friend after my Dad was diagnosed with GBM. She was (and still is) a strength to me and my family. What an angel you are married to! I wanted to thank you for your posts and the strength they offer me. I'm the one who sent a CD of some music I did ("Inspirational Favorites") to Krista--because we both have a great love of music. I hope that you will enjoy it and look forward to meeting you and yours in person one day!

God bless,


Anonymous said...


Your writing is as inspriational as Krista's! I never got the chance to meet Krista, but her blog has given me so much hope for my husband who has GBM. She also got me to think about mortality and how God is there for us, even when we are asking "Why?" She calmed my fears and made me laugh through my tears. It was absolutely perfect that you took your kids on the planned trip to Disney World. Please continue to blog, to help yourself, to help others who want to hear your thoughts on this terribly difficult journey and for your children in the future. You and Krista have been a blessing to so many people.

Krista said...

What a sweet and uplifting post. Thank you!

Proud Daughter of Eve said...

Beautifully expressed. Thank you for continuing to share with us.

~Jeff Secunda said...

Jared, Jake, and Emma,
The simple numbers of Krista's accomplishments don't come close to expressing the impact of her life on the lives thousdands of people. I was both inspired and humbled by what I learned through her life and struggle.

Oh God, full of mercy, Who dwells on high, grant proper rest on the wings of the Devine Presence for the soul of Krista Oakes. May He bind her soul in the Bonds of Life.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful post. I found this blog while searching to learn more about glioblastoma after my friend was recently diagnosed.

The part of the post that struck me the most is when you mentioned that now is one less month until you're with your wife again. My son died at six months old and I sometimes remember how long it's been since he died (almost 7yrs now).

I love your comment because it reminds me to think that each year that passes is one less year I'll have to wait to see him again. That's a lot better than thinking of how long he's been gone. Thank you.

God bless :-)