Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Down, How Many to Go?

Today marks two months since Krista's passing. It's been a time for use to figure out our routine as a family of three. Jacob and Emma have been a great help. Emma is so willing to do anything around the house that is needed. And Jacob has willingly accepted new responsibilities. I used to affectionately call him my little man, but he has been such a help around the house that I now call Jacob my big man. It's cute to see the pride in his face when I call him this.

We have been determined to maintain the routine and traditions that were so important to Krista and I. We have continued our family prayers morning and night, daily scripture study and Family Home Evening every Monday night. At first it felt weird without Krista there to participate but as we acclimated to our new situation we have felt the Spirit of the Lord attend us.

It is good to have the Gospel as a constant in our lives. It is our anchor and compass especially in times of trial. It is the one thing that doesn't change and will always point us back to our Heavenly Father and to our ultimate exaltation. And it is the one way we will be back in the arms of our mother, companion, wife and friend.

So despite my cooking (it's getting better) we've made it two months. It doesn't seem much compared to what we see ahead. But I know if we continue to cling to the Gospel of Christ we can make it no matter how long it may be.


Anonymous said...

With faith as your foundation and guiding light, there is nothing you can't achieve. Remain steadfast as you walk down the path, knowing your reward is forthcoming.

Thank you for continuing to lead by example and inspire others.

Love to all,

Sus said...

Jared, I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you take to keep Krista's blog going. It can't be easy on so many levels . . . just physically doing what two parents used to do is plenty of challenge!

My heart has been heavy as I've followed along Krista's journey with your family. I am grateful that journey hasn't ended, either, just like Krista hasn't. :)