Thursday, October 12, 2006

In My Distress

Even though I know that "ultimately" all will be well, there is still the initial sting and injury surrounding this latest news. Fortunately, the words to one of the songs we sang on our recent choir trip really rang true, because there is an underlying peace and calm that attends my trust and confidence in the Lord, who pours out his abundance upon me:

In my distress I cried unto the Lord
Oh, Lord in Heaven, help me overcome
that which is hindering me from eternal bliss.
Oh, my Father, bless me daily
With thy Spirit I pray.
I pray that Thou might hear my humble prayer
Like men of old.
Stand still -
Stand still, oh my soul and consider this wonderful work of God
Stand still, oh my soul and consider,
His power, eternal power, shines forth,
Forming so vast a universe as we see.
In my distress I cried unto the Lord
And peace came to my soul.

This was written by David Featherstone, our choir director. He also wrote another song that has been a source of inspiration throughout many different trials in my life:

O daughter of the living God
Who dares become a Child of Light.
Woudst thou embark where few have trod,
With faith to bring thee through the night,
O daughter of the living God, our God?
Tenets gathered in thy youth
Compressed by hard experience
And kiln'd in fires of constant truth
Now clear, bright gems of permanence
What gentle strength! What dignity!
Thy countenance doth stir my heart
To seek my own serenity
And keep the world and me apart
While they adorn her crown above
With virtue, purity, and love

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