Monday, October 30, 2006

Not bad for brain cancer

It's always nice to be missed. I've been so tardy in updating my blog, and as a result there have been many people checking in on me to see if I'm okay.

It's a hard question to answer accurately. I'm not okay in the sense that I have a nasty cancer that is making me (literally) lose my mind, bit by bit. But I am okay in the sense that I'm surviving my new treatment (so far), my spirits are up, and I'm still here. In fact, I'm not bad (for brain cancer, at least)!

I have my next "toxic drip" on Wednesday this week. Toxic Drip # 1 was a lot more tolerable than I thought it would be. I was fine for a few days, crashed for a few days, and went back to being fine. I still have hair, I still have insomnia, and I get an occasional mild headache (the tired kind). I'm back to bouncing between moments of brilliance/accomplishment/great stuff, and moments of "dangit - why did I just walk into this room?"

Last week was kind of fun. For a minute I wondered if I was having a Bruce Willis/Sixth Sense moment (WARNING - SPOILER COMING UP IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE) where I died and didn't know it, because a whole bunch of flowers started showing up at our house! It was unexpected...but awfully nice! I loved wafting through my house, enjoying the fragrance and the beautiful sights and pinching myself to make sure I was there in the flesh. (And - HOORAY -- I was! Not bad for brain cancer!) Some of the flowers came with cards that identified the senders, and some were anonymously sent. So for those who sent me flowers but didn't hear back from me, please know that I got them and I love them!


Mandi said...

Glad to hear from you! I was getting worried!

ellen said...

I'm glad you're blogging. :)

bryny said...

Once after my Mom came home after a rough hospital stay, she stunned us by saying, "I find myself thinking a lot about the hereafter." We didn't really know what to say, but then she continued, "I find myself in a room wondering what I came in here after." Your blog reminded me of that.

The other incident I was reminded of was the pre-surgery session with the nurse before my second cranny last year. We've gone over all the treatments, effects, loss of vision, family medical history, etc. And the wrap up question is,
Nurse "How would describe your overall health?"

Me "Good"

I get The Look over the top of her glasses.

Me "Well, other than the GBM? -pause- And the high blood pressure? -pause- And being overweight -pause-?

Nurse "Let's call it Fair."

Anyway, I'm glad to hear the toxic drip is going well. I'm praying for you.