Sunday, December 24, 2006

On the eleventh day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me...

...eleven loved ones feasting
...a "10" for a husband "nine-year-old" favorite story
...eight hours of sleep book group buddies
...six hours of (good) sleep
...five Messiah solos (and one duet)
...four Mighty Oakes
...three Hallelujah cheers
...two chemo drugs
...and an MRI with good news we could see!

In one day we were able to have two Christmas "eve-eve" dinners: we hosted a turkey dinner for our local missionaries before going to a family dinner at my dad's house, featuring a ribeye roast that he slaved over for hours. In total, we shared a table (or two) between myself, my husband, my two children, two missionaries, my dad and stepmom, and two brothers and one sister-in-law who were visiting from out of town. If I added correctly (neuro test?) it comes out to eleven happy people feasting on good food and good companionship.

A long time ago I decided to remember to give thanks for always having food on our table and the things that we need. And when it comes to love and friendship, it looks like we have an abundance there, too.

The day before, I received some very generous gifts from friends that I work with. In addition to my own business, I have a position with a really wonderful company whose CEO is someone I worked for many years ago and was happy to work for again. His immediate reaction to my cancer diagnosis last year was, "We'll go through this together," and he and his family and the other members of the company "family" have been very kind, supportive, and helpful -- not to mention patient -- as I have gone through this crazy year. Our family was invited to come to the office for a Christmas luncheon, and when we arrived, the CEO first presented gifts for my children that made their eyes pop out with glee. It was a Mastercard moment: "Look on kids' faces = priceless". And then we received a very generously stuffed envelope, consisting of donations that all of the employees contributed for our family; something they decided to do instead of their traditional gift exchange. The board of directors also chose to participate, so there was a generous check in the envelope along with the other donations. It was a very kind thing to do, and in addition to the love and support that it symbolized, it served a very practical purpose. We had just received a staggering medical bill, despite our very good health insurance. It was a lousy time of year for this to happen, but it became much easier because (as always) the Lord will provide according to our needs, and sometimes that is accomplished through the kindness of good people.

Being stuffed with two dinners in one day was symbolic of how abundantly we have been blessed in so many other ways, including the blessings of good family and friends.

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