Saturday, April 07, 2007

Handel-ing Messiah

Today was the final rehearsal before our Messiah performance tomorrow night. (That's tomorrow night, Easter Sunday, at 7 pm, 2801 El Dorado Parkway, McKinney, Texas! Be there!)

For the third time since having my right brain assaulted by knives, radiation, chemicals, and tumor cells, I will be singing with the choir. I will be singing a duet with my husband. And I will be singing one of my favorite solos. As the orchestra began with the overture, tears of gratitude filled my eyes. Messiah is back in my life. And more importantly, the Messiah of whom we sing is in my life, blessing me to be able to enjoy this moment.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I'm not dead. I'm not tone deaf. I haven't lost my memory. I sang most of it off-book today, because I was a little tired from Thursday's chemotherapy and I felt too lazy to stand and hold my music for three hours. All the assailants that would have taken my life, my musical ability, and my memory were no match for the power of prayer and the tender mercies of the Lord and a feisty spirit.



Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to hear you sing again. I will always be grateful for the time we spent together last April shopping for the perfect Messiah outfit.

By the way, my husband was in Anaheim last week for a baseball tournament and he saw your book at the Deseret Book Store. I also stopped by my local Cover to Cover bookstore and acted ahgast that the book wasn't in the window display, let alone on the shelves :-). They quickly took down the name of the book AND it's talented author...and said the book sounded wonderful. They are ordering several to have on hand.

It was fun.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!!!! What kind of chemo are you on?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Messiah and the book and your continuing good health. I love reading your posts.

LadyCarma said...

The Messiah performance was one of the best. The trumpet player was magnificant. And Jared did great on his solo. Of course, my favorite are you and Erlynne, as always, and it is because I am biased. But I can't help it. You both are the best! And when I said hi to Jake afterward, he was so excited in waving at me. It made my day that he still remembers me.

byeli said...

I remember with such joy when I was standing next to you singing the Messiah. How wonderful it must be to sing with Jared and have the children there.
My best memory with the two of you was a mexican dinner, sending a virgin margarita to the Bishop and having them sing happy birthday, when it wasn't... then SNL and TP'ing of course.
Didn't know you were published... do tell what is the title and where can i get it.
thanks for all that you are
elizabeth demma

Judy Sharp said...


I received the book yesterday. Thank you for this wonderful gift. It comes at the right time. I am going to try IVF in May - our first time. I don't dare to think of any thing except for just doing what doctor says. I wish you the best. I admire your courage!!

Proud Daughter of Eve said...

I have never heard the whole "Messiah." Krista, is there any way I could buy a recording of your group's performance? :)

Anonymous said...

Are you doing ok? I don't really know you, but feel as if I do after following your blog since the begining. Periodically, I check how you are doing and really enjoy reading your positive and sometimes humorous posts. We are about the same age. You give inspiration with this journey and I know you attribute that to God. I really admire your positive thoughts. Hope you are haven't posted in a while. Chris