Monday, August 06, 2007

Orange is the new black?

Nah -- it's just another step closer to black! (In karate, at least!)

My son and I had our belt tests today, and are now sporting orange belts! It's not only fun for us to do this together, but it's the ultimate neuro test, challenging memory, balance, coordination, and strength. Like clog dancing, it's life-affirming and reassuring and good for body and mind. There was a time when it looked like I wouldn't see this day, let alone be of sound mind and body, so it's more than just a new belt and certificate to celebrate.

We have our sights on purple now, which is especially exciting for me because I stopped at the orange belt level twenty years ago. So this is new territory for me now that I am older and bigger with less of a brain. Plus at the purple belt level we switch our uniforms from white to a more flattering black (no more Sta-puff Marshmallow Ninja), which is the biggest motivator of all!

So let's the last 30 days I managed to pass my MRI test, my neuro test, my blood tests, and my belt test. This is a good trend...hope it continues!


Jennie said...

congrats! sounds like you are doing well!

Clyde said...
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Clyde said...

GO Krista GO! And Jacob too.

Marshmallow Ninja? You're funny!