Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starting Cycle 12

Labwork this week = excellent! I remain the walking miracle. I aced the neuro test, too. (Memory words today were butterfly, apple, and baseball.)

I was cleared for my long chemo infusion today. This is the start of cycle 12, the last four weeks of the treatment protocol that I began last October, when tumor progression was noted. The treatment has been very successful (miracles all around). In two weeks I have a short chemo infusion, and at the end of this four week cycle I will have another MRI, which will be a turning point. It will either have bad news, which will cause us to re-evaluate our approach, or it will have good news (like it has each time since I started this new treatment). If the latter is the result, my oncologist and I will be discussing whether to go on a maintenance treatment regimen (involving less chemotherapy), or whether I can take a break altogether from treatments and just undergo monitoring. It would be the closest thing to the "r" word (remission) that is possible in this kind of cancer. It would be an awesome thing. There will be a huge call for prayers as we lead up to that pivotal moment!

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Victoria said...

Sounds great! I am happy for you, keep on fighting and proving them wrong-best medicine by far is a positive attitude and a smig of *proving them wrong* vibes work great! :)