Sunday, September 02, 2007


Today I was called, sustained, and set apart to be a teacher in our Relief Society organization (the women's organization in our church). I teach a thirty-minute lesson every third Sunday, starting this month.

I was thrilled to get this calling for many reasons, but especially because it requires me to be alive and functioning! They don't need me to be the choir director for the Second Coming -- at least not yet! (Those who have read my earliest posts know that my niece's theory was that if I died, maybe it was so I could be the choir director for the Second Coming!) I'm glad that my last calling wasn't my LAST calling, and that I can still serve a useful purpose here upon the earth.

I am looking forward to teaching the sisters in my ward. For one thing, I already know firsthand that they are a very charitable group of women, so it makes me feel less nervous as I prepare my first lesson. Also, it will be nice to spend more time giving back something to these women, who rendered so much service to me when I needed it.

This new opportunity is great but also somewhat bittersweet, as the plan is to eventually release me from my calling as the Primary music director after the children do their fall program. Singing with the Primary children is part of my music therapy. I have had many Maria Von Trapp moments working with them, and will miss them dearly. ("So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye...")

Change can be hard to adjust to, especially when basking in a comfort zone. It's hard to end a good chapter. The good news is that when we end a chapter, we start a new one, and it can be full of wonderful things. And even when we have to put our pencils down and end the whole story of our lives there is the post-life epilogue.

I'm glad that I will still get to see the Primary children sing, and maybe I'll get a chance to substitute on occasion for the new director. I still have my callings as the ward choir director and music chair, so I still get some good music therapy. (And we're starting to work on Christmas music already!) And I am really looking forward to this new teaching opportunity, because I came to appreciate long ago that the teacher is the one who learns the most.


Mel said...

Very good post about change! So true that the teacher is the one who learns the most. I hope you enjoy this new calling.

Julie said...

That is my favortie calling in the church, teaching in RS. Congrats Krista!

Lisa M. said...

It is always neat to have a calling change, and new, scary, fun, and nervous.

I'm sure you'll be great.

I got here, from Dedee's page.

I'm on a blog hunt today.

Glad to have found ya.

(How does Mel know you. SHE IS EVERYWEHRE!) *Grin*

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could have a "ch-ch-ch-ch-change" in my ward calling. Going on my fifth year of under 5 years of age. Nursey, CTR-5 and now Sunbeams. How I long to know the big people in the ward. How I long to stop using phrases like "Shhhhhhhh", "that's not reverent" or "do you think Heavenly Father is happy when you hit/bite/pinch your friend?" I really have the most difficult group of kids I've ever's challenging.

I think you will do a FAB job of teaching RS. You have such a great sense of will keep all the women awake and interested. Have fun.

Love ya lots,


The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Congrats and good luck, Krista. I had similar feelings when I was released from Young Women a little over a year ago and called as the 2nd counselor in our Relief Society. I never thought I would enjoy RS, but now this is probably one of my favorite callings. I know you will do well and you'll really enjoy the sisters and I am sure you will have lots to share with them.

Inky Smiles,