Thursday, January 10, 2008


Good news: MRI looked "good". My doctor is happy, and I am greatly relieved. I've heard a lot of bad news stories and it was a struggle to keep them from haunting me as I anticipated the news. But my doctor's nurse practitioner was merciful and started right off the bat with, "Your MRI looks good," before beginning the neuro test.

I don't know if it was the relief, or if it was the thousand other things going through (what's left of) my mind, but I forgot one of the three "short-term-memory words". I think that had only happened once before in the two dozen neuro exams that I have been through. Today's words were "tree", "popcorn", and "frog". I remembered the first two, and was shocked to find myself at a loss for the third. It was okay. I aced everything else.

But still -- after I was finished with everything, including my chemotherapy infusion, I stood at the checkout desk, where there was a little plastic frog sitting next to the receptionist's computer. I swear it was mocking me. And then my husband and I stopped at the store to buy a new humidifier (recommended to help the dry nose side effects of Avastin), and the first one I saw on the shelf was a big green one shaped like (you guessed it) a frog!

I didn't buy that one.

Frog frog frog frog frog.

Maybe I just don't like to think of things that remind me of the word, "croak".


Laura Jungeblut said...

Dear Krista, You don't know me, but I certainly feel like I know you. I pray for you everyday. Since I got home from school today, I'd checked your blog repeatedly, awaiting the news. I'm so very grateful that you got a good report. My husband, Greg, was diagnosed with GBM-4 on Feb. 6, 2007. We are approaching our one year "birthdate" and by God's grace, have not seen tumor progression. I am an email "friend" and prayer partner of Susan Jasper, who has uplifted me many times and who told me about you. The first time I logged onto your blog, I was hooked. I read for hours because you express so very much of how Greg and I feel. I laughed, I cried, I prayed. You have an amazing gift with words. Greg teases me when I speak of "my friend Krista" so I decided to write you back tonight to tell you how much your blog has meant to us. I celebrate your blessed news and will continue to ask for a miracle of healing for you. Your online "ministry" is touching many, I'm sure. Thank you for touching me. Prayerfully, Laura Jungeblut

Bren said...

Krista, I too have been following your blog. The first day I read it was two months ago, the day before your last "picture day." I walked around thinking and praying for you that next day, checking your blog frequently and hoping for good news for you. And, I did the same thing again today. Congrats on the nice photos! Admittedly, I have secretly wondered if I am bloomin' nuts for being so preoccupied with the status of your gray matter! Although we have a few things in common (Utah, LDS, kids, and Star Valley Ranch) and a few things not-so-in-common (I pump my own gas!), we've never met and you wouldn't know me from Adam. Even still, I wish you good health, physical and spiritual strength, and lots of comfort. When I read your blog, I am always encouraged by your joyful and faithful suffering. You are teaching me that it is possible to soak up the goodness of life, to appreciate what I have, to accept what is, and to ooze with gratitude while facing really hard times. Thank you to you, my cyber "friend."

Michael said...

Not the frog humidifier! We bought that one, and it broke after two uses. Make sure you clean it really well, or the filter will clog up and "croak". But I highly recommend a humidifier, even in moisture rich Texas. Thumbs up on MRI!