Friday, January 25, 2008

Science Project

I know -- I'm a living science project. But today we were focused on another project: #20 on my bucket list, which was "help my son create a winning science fair project."

He won second place for his project to determine "What Makes a Better Bat? Wood vs. Metal". It served a practical purpose, as he has outgrown the old bat from his tee ball days, and we were wondering whether to go wood or aluminum. It was a fun project, and my son worked very hard and learned a whole bunch of stuff about conducting an experiment. So we already declared him a "winner" before the judging got started. The fact that he brought home a trophy and a ribbon, too, made it extra nice. And being there at the school assembly when he accepted his award was one of those moments I was grateful to be able to experience. (But there's still a lot more on my list, so I still need to stay alive!)

It's good to get him interested in the scientific process. Maybe he'll grow up to discover a cure for cancer.

Or maybe he'll be a professional baseball player, if science fair projects have any predictive value. My elementary school science project was on the anatomy of the brain. The coolest thing about it was the pickled dog brain that my dad found for me to use in my exhibit. That planted the seed for my fascination with the brain and how it works. I later studied psychology in college. It wasn't the most marketable choice of major, but it was really interesting, and now it is unfortunately quite relevant for me to have learned some things about that part of the body.

I'm glad my son's interest was centered around something fun, like baseball.


Familia Peña said...

Hi Krista,
Wow, it has been two years. That is amazing. As my mom has just received her 'news', it is comforting to know that there are so many people who fight it and win, like you, and also my father-in-law who has had two boughts with lymphoma and is doing great. I sometimes tell people about your cancer and how to look at you, you wouldn't know (at least the last time I saw you) and I am sure that that hasn't changed. Your husband and kids are so very blessed to have you and I am sure that God knows that you still have so much more to share with them and to teach them, so while he has, dare I say 'blessed you' with this trial, I see it as a way to make you stronger and not to call you home.

All our love
Darci and family

charlieb said...

Woohoo! Way to go Jake! I know you are so proud of him and I am proud of you for helping and being such an encouragement to your children and to me every two weeks! Cya soon!

Your friendly neighborhood chemo nurse,

Mandie said...

Hey Krista!

Just caught up with your blog. I'm glad you're doing okay!

bryny said...

Don't leave us hanging, what kind of bat did jake choose?