Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mirror Mirror

After being benched for a while, I was able to return to the dojo this week to get caught up on my karate material. It was awesome -- I have learned all the material for my first brown belt. So it's just a matter of p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y waiting and working until I have mastered it enough to be invited to test. And after three levels of brown belt, the next rank is the coveted black belt.

At this point I am now starting to learn some things in mirror image, which is a really neat stretch for a left-brained person who has to switch gears and start using more of (what's left of) my right brain. In fact, one of the requirements for black belt is to not only have mastered all of the material, but also to be able to execute everything against a right-handed or left-handed opponent. So I will ultimately be re-learning everything in mirror image. Talk about giving the brain some exercise! I think it's great -- I try to envision the healthy glial cells in my right brain getting stronger and taking down any bad cells that try to wake up and spread.

I am re-living another moment in a (sort of) mirror image, too. The link below was recently posted online, so I get to re-live my recent Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) conference address (from early August). Except this time I'm watching my address from the audience perspective instead of standing nervously behind the microphone.

The first two speakers on this broadcast are well-known and wonderful, and I had the intimidating job of following them and trying not to suffer too much by comparison. I gave my remarks at about minute 56 1/2 of this broadcast and drew much of my material from my "Sunday Sermon" blog post from June.

This is the other part of me that keeps me strong against anything that threatens to destroy.

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LadyCarma said...

You are so articulate. Since I have a degree in Speech, I know what I am talking about. I appreciated hearing and seeing your address. It was wonderful.