Thursday, October 09, 2008

The saga continues...

I promise that I'm not doing this for ratings, but this latest adventure is to be continued.

I went in for my "recall" mammogram today, and the results of that led to an ultrasound study, and the results of that led to a referral for a needle biopsy sometime next week. The radiologist tried to be reassuring, and I hope she's right. She thinks it's a benign situation, but wants to be sure.

My next challenge is to schedule the needle biopsy sometime between Tuesday's brain MRI and Wednesday's jury duty summons. It'll be an interesting week. I'm very grateful for the many prayers that have been carrying me through this twist in my story.

And speaking of prayers, my aunt's PET scan concluded that her cancer has not spread, so we are enjoying a big celebration on her behalf, and using yet another opportunity to express our love to family and friends.

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Faith said...

When I had my own adventure with the whole mammogram/suspicious lumps/etc., the radiologist sat down with me and was pretty blunt, telling me that based on the appearance and location there was a very good chance it was malignant. So if they're telling you it's probably benign, they're probably right. I'm praying for you.