Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gr-EIGHT Stuff

Waiting for the birthday boy to wake up for the family breakfast party:

Jacob the gr-EIGHT!

The Aztec pyramid cake. Just take four yellow cake mixes and bake them in various sizes of square pans, then stack and top them with tons of homemade chocolate frosting, some cookies and Red Vines, candy letters, and a doughnut hole "boulder" chasing a Lego Indiana Jones figure.

Our hero, Indiana Jake:

I couldn't resist making monkey brain jello to go along with the pizza, snake eyes (red and green grapes), spider sacs (olives), beetle wings (potato chips), fried caterpillars (Cheetos), licorice whips, and 7-Up (because he's eight, so SEVEN is UP!):

Some of our birthday crusaders after finding their name in hieroglyphics, playing a geography game, doing the blindfolded snake pit walk, playing "snake hot potato", targeting plastic bugs with blow darts (bendable straws and Q-tips), making crayon rubbing art, eating lots of gross-sounding food, and finding a treasure chest filled with candy and prizes. (And bestowing lots of nice presents on Indiana Jake.)

It was fun -- I had half a mind to do this, and so I did!


JRose said...

Seriously...what a fun party theme!

LadyCarma said...

Cute ideas. I must say the monkey brain jello looks a bit disgusting! What a fun looking bunch of party kids! I love the look on Jake's face - what I would call the "I did it" look. Thanks for sharing the fun.

jowo said...

What a celebration, especially when you get to have 3 cousins come. Have a great baptism day coming up. Half your brain is still double anyone else's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista and Jared,

Just wanted to first of all say that your creativity EVERY year for birthdays amazes me.

Second, I find it really fun that your oldest and my youngest share the birthday of March 13, and my oldest and your youngest share the birthday of June 20. What are the odds?


Grammy Rob said...

Oh my Krista, the photos were sooooo fun. So good to see you today. Sis. T.O.

Debbie said...

Great cake! I've gotta save this post for a future party for Daniel. He adores Indy Legos too.

I had no idea you were such a party planner. Fun!

Krista said...

HOw fun! Where in the world do people get those brain moulds? Love the cake and all the creative games. Really is something you made it to this with him! You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you really know how to throw a party. I love your cake idea! You're a really good mom, you know that?