Sunday, June 14, 2009

...and forty-TWO! two days!

I didn't forget. In fact, on the evening of the 11th I thought about posting early, but didn't. And then on the 12th I was thinking about two people who had birthdays that day, before getting swept up in the joys of cub scout camp.

I woke up this morning, remembering that it was Flag Day, and that's when it occurred to me that I hadn't blogged in a while.

But here I am, not only with another month under my belt, but another half-year under my belt! Three-and-a-half years of survival, with hopefully more to go.

Still trying to do more than just maintain a pulse. Still working toward my black belt. Still busy with work and family and church callings and all the daily stuff that I can't take for granted anymore.

I still have a huge scar on my head, which makes me grateful for long hair that covers it. I still make my husband laugh with my "Mrs. Short-term Memory" skits -- except they aren't really skits. And now I have a new reminder of this experience. My right eardrum is no longer retracted; it has eroded from radiation damage to the point of being perforated.

The plan is to watch it for a while, to see if it will heal spontaneously (although that isn't expected), and to guard against infection. If there is no improvement in six months or so, I get to look forward to another surgery -- this time to make me a new eardrum out of the fascia of my outer ear. (Only God can make a real eardrum, but this one will do.) Meanwhile, I mostly hear white static (and sometimes an effervescent bubbling sound) in my right ear, and sometimes it's not comfortable. But I have the benefit of context -- after all, it would be silly to sit here long past my projected expiration date, complaining about only having ONE good ear.

Gotta get that Cat Stevens "Moon Shadow" song out of my head! There's no "if I ever lose my ear.." lyrics, so (what's left of) my mind of course had to make some, and there's not much to work with here...

And if I ever lose my ear,
And when you say things, I can't hear;
Yes, if I ever lose my ear,
Oh, weeeeee -
I won't sit to your left no more


Anonymous said...

You're funny!

Natalie said...

Congrats, Krista! It's so cool that you keep track of these milestones. It probably helps keep all the little stuff in life in better perspective.

Also dropped by to let you know that Craig, a fellow brain tumor sufferer, is in the last stages of his transition to the next world. He was very inspired by your story when he was first diagnosed, and had hoped his path would be similar to yours. He even linked to your site from his. Unfortunately, he was not so lucky in his fight. I wanted to let you know in case you can offer his wife, Suzanne, any comfort as she struggles during these last few days. His site is here:

Thanks for considering it, and much luck and love to you!