Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Movie Star Party

Like my class reunion, it was a sore spot for a while. Something I looked forward to, but didn't know for sure if I'd be able to do it. So of course it was nice to do it!

"It" was The Movie Star Party. I saw this idea in a magazine long ago, when I was looking for ideas for my son's first birthday. Back then I thought it was such a cute idea, and I looked forward to hopefully someday having a daughter and throwing this party.

Six months after my daughter was born I had my head cut open and received a grim prognosis. This went on the "wish I may, wish I might" list, with the hope that I might be here when she was old enough for this kind of a party.

Today we did it!

Guests were invited to the premiere of Emma -- Age Four. We met them at the curb, where they donned boas, tiaras, top hats, and sunglasses before heading up the red carpet to our front door. My mom was Nana Barrett, interviewing these young celebrities. My dad was the Grandpa-parazzi and my husband and son were the press photographers.

Inside, the guests autographed a large gold star and pressed their hands into air-dryable clay before heading upstairs for a screening of some Wallace and Gromit short films (complete with hot dogs, popcorn, and candy).

They came back downstairs for the awards ceremony. We opened with a reading of Jamie Lee Curtis' book, When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth. Emma opened her presents and then each child received an "Emma" award. (Emma won hers for Best Actress in a Birthday Drama.)

We had two cakes: one had Emma's name in a star, and the other was frosted and topped with a sugar cookie handprint.

We sent the child celebrities home with a gift bag, complete with cell phone-shaped bottles of bubbles.

It was super-fun! I (literally) live for this kind of stuff!


tawna said...

Tawna (hadfield) Summerhays here- Just found your blog.
What a great party idea! Ive read about that one too and thing it would be so fun. Looks like you pulled it off beautifully!

Side thing- i was reading a few posts back- you lost the hearing in your right ear? Was it related to the cancer? Do they know what caused it? I lost my hearing in my right ear too 1 week after we got married. Ive been to specialists, but no one has a clue...

You look fantastic. And your family is adorable. Im so glad to have 'found you'! :)

Krista said...

It is a thrill for me to see you do allthese things you didn't think you would get! What a fun party. And I love Emma's hair!

TERI 9 said...

Krista, what a super fun party for a little girl! I cannot believe she is already FOUR!!! Wasn't she just a baby being sealed to you!?!?!!?

May Heavenly Father continue to shower blessing down upon you!!! You are an awesome mom!!!

Anonymous said...

What a good mommy you are! You certainly are creating wonderful memories for your children!

justjulie said...

She's so beautiful! I imagine she'll only get prettier as time goes by.