Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There wasn't a better title for this post, as my recent past has been filled with reunions.

We started with a trip to the Austin area, to help my son meet some requirements for his Texas badge by visiting the Texas State Capitol. While there, we made a side trip to meet with "Aunt Barbi," who plays a special role in our family history.

We returned home briefly before flying to Utah for our 25-year high school reunion. The event was held at our school, which had undergone many changes. It was symbolic, as we had all gone through many changes since graduation. And as always, I was just so happy to note that I had made it to another milestone event. It was a really great evening, and I even got in some gaggle therapy.

One of our gaggle -- a fellow cancer survivor and co-founder of the Longflicks -- wasn't able to make it to the class reunion, but I was able to meet up with her later. We continue to share a love of music, the loss of hearing in our right ears, many good laughs, and a determination to hang around and raise our kids. She's especially lucky, because no matter what she faces, she is always able to at least have half a smile going at all times.

There were other reunions that were just as joyful. On our first day in Utah we were invited to meet with Ardeth Kapp, who is a dear friend and mentor as well as my favorite author. She made us lunch and spoiled our kids rotten and let me pick her brain about writing, and made us feel like part of her family.

My husband and I also went to the temple, hoping for a reunion with some of our online 2ofus4now friends in the area. That reunion fell flat, but we were able to go on and reunite some of my ancestor family members by participating in temple sealings.

During our trip we stayed with my husband's parents, and had the pleasure of not only spending time with them but also my husband's sisters and their families. Our last evening in Utah was spent at my aunt's house, where several members of my extended family gathered for an impromptu reunion.

After many days of fun and friends and family we arrived home and found our beagle Chip eager for a reunion with us. There's nothing more wonderful than knowing you're loved in so many places...including back home.

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