Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Blog Birthday!

After a few "blast" emails to family and friends, this blog was born on November 21, 2005. This is a happy belated blog birthday! Going back and reviewing those first posts has been an interesting experience.

It was four years ago today that I was going in for my second MRI -- the one with VECTOR VISION! I had no idea back then how my life was going to change.

My mom likes to tell my brothers and me that some of the things you worry about will never happen, and the rest will never be as bad as you think, and she's right. However, at first, I thought I had found the exception. I was naive enough to think at first that as long as my tumor was operable, all would be fine if I could just make it through surgery. So the news that this tumor was cancerous in a really bad way was the realization of the worst possible scenario.

However, four years and many words later, Mom has been proven right again. On this day of Thanksgiving, I have more to be grateful for than I did in Thanksgiving 2005. And while glioblastoma was never on my wish list, there is no lack of sincerity in my gratitude today for how the experience has blessed me.


Ashley Funk said...

I'm adopting your mom's phrase as my new life motto! And I'm happy to hear you are still doing well - your positive attitude is an inspiration!

Real said...

While I've never had cancer, I can totally relate to passing through a very dark and bleak time that I never would have wished for and yet cherishing all the lessons learned and strength gained from it.