Monday, November 02, 2009

Stumbling Blocks or Building Blocks

Only God can make a real eardrum, but my surgeon is going to try and make a reasonable facsimile tomorrow. I'm anticipating a painful and wobbly recovery, but hey -- this isn't exactly brain surgery! And I'm looking forward to having an eardrum again. I thought I had stopped taking things for granted, until I realized how much I missed having an eardrum, and how I never really gave it a thought until it wasn't there for me.

(So for those of you with eardrums, give a prayer of thanks!!!)

Something else to be thankful for today -- I wrote another article that was published this month. It's called "Stumbling Blocks or Building Blocks," and it's a short capture of what I've learned about the challenges we all face in life. You can read it online at (The article is on page 20.)

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