Monday, November 09, 2009

"Thankful Fours"

Last Saturday was a day to be thankful "four":

On Saturday, FOUR Mighty Oakes participated with thousands of others in the FOURTH ANNUAL Dallas-Ft.Worth Brain Tumor Walk, benefiting the National Brain Tumor Society. We were one of more than seventy members on my doctor's team, "Fink's Fighters." (That's Dr. Fink on the left, celebrating with us after we crossed the finish line.) When we moved to the Dallas area FOURteen years ago, I had no idea that I would later be so glad to live in an area with such a skilled neuro-oncologist who was so actively involved in research.

FOUR YEARS ago, when they were holding their first walk in D/FW, I was training for a 5K run. I was having seizures (just didn't know it yet) and would later find out that I had a grade FOUR brain tumor. It changed my life for the better.

FOUR MONTHS ago, I earned my black belt in karate. I was alive and kicking long past my projected expiration date.

FOUR DAYS prior to this weekend's walk, I had ear surgery. I was on my surgeon's orders not to run this weekend, but I was able to walk the 5K course, and I didn't lose my balance and fall into the Trinity River!

This was a good way to celebrate the beginning of my FOURTH year of good MRI scans!

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