Thursday, October 21, 2010


I got the full treatment today: radiation, Avastin, Topotecan, and Temodar -- and a neuro test! Throw in a manicure and a robe, and I would have just written it off as a day at the spa.

I remembered "fox," "popcorn," and "tree." I spelled WORLD backwards and forwards, but didn't get asked to count backward from 100 by sevens. (I just naturally start doing that when I see Vanessa coming my way!)

Labs look great: I still have bone marrow, chemistry looks good, and so far no tumor cells are showing up in the CSF. I'm still in the game!

I actually had reflexes in my legs, which is something kind of new. Even when I was a kid I wondered why the doctor always banged on my knee with a hammer, because I never had a kick reflex. Maybe this is a new skill, like when I became better at sightreading after brain surgery!

I managed to lose my foot drop and aced the catwalk portion of the exam, walking straight lines on my heels and on my toes and proving once again that I am (and always have been) stone sober. I'm hoping this is a signal that the underlying cause of nerve problems is being defeated quickly.

We'll know more soon. I'll be a five-year cancer survivor by the time we know how this plan of attack has been working.

But what an interesting date to look forward to. I go in for a brain/spine MRI on December 14, 2010, which is the fifth anniversary of the day my neurosurgeon confirmed the word that changed my life: "glioblastoma." I meet with Dr. Fink for a verdict the next morning, which is the 5th anniversary of my Grade IV Glioblastoma blog post. (That post has the most comments of any on my blog.)


Josh and Kristen said...

So, I had to go back and read your Glioblastoma IV post since you mentioned it. You are amazing and I am so thankful that we have you to look up to while our families struggle and battle the same disease... while we experience some of the same emotions and sometimes fear, but overwhelming faith and tender mercies that come by means of the Lord's hands here on earth. I hope some day our families can meet. Best wishes and our prayers are always with you!!!

gail said...

Sounds like you're getting some good news in there somewhere ... continued best to you.

Kathy & Co. said...

Krista, I am so happy to hear this great news! You always amaze me! You're absolutely so awe inspiring! You are always in my prayers and forever in my heart! I love you honey!

Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista, please, write about this week.
Thinking of you every day: Szakay Family

Shell said...

Hi Krista,
Hope your feeling well!! I pray for you everyday.. You are an AMAZING woman...Please update when possible..God Bless...xoxo <3<3